Status Update

So again I’m completely unemployed only now my unemployment checks have been reduced to a measly $67 a week which is a significant reduction from the $249 a week that I’ve been getting by on for the last 2 years.

To recap a bit for those that don’t know that $249 a week that I was getting was from when I worked at Google scanning books from Sept 2006 to Sept 2008. Also you can continue to collect unemployment when working (as I have been) if you’re only employed part time.

This $67 a week I’m getting now is based off of how much I made while working at Great America. The math is a bit complicated so I won’t try to explain exactly how it works but you basically get about half of your average paycheck from a particular quarter before taxes from unemployment.

I’m currently living with my dad (82), my younger sister (31), and my nephew/adopted brother (33) who’s the son of one of my half sisters and he also happens to be blind.

My dad has been renting this house for over 14 years. The rent is currently $1735 a month and even if we were too pool all of our incomes it would just barely cover the rent with nothing left over for other expenses like food, water, electricity, etc. My dad was only able to pay our landlord $1000 last month and we don’t have enough for this month let alone what we still owe from last month so our landlord is threatening to evict us and as I see things unless we find a pile of money somewhere I don’t know how we’re going to avoid getting evicted.

That’s as much as I feel like getting into all that right now.

Since I will most likely need to move in the next few months, if anyone happens to know of a cheap place I might be able to live (cheap apartment or someone that needs a roommate) in the bay area I’d really appreciate it.

Also do me a favor and click an Ad or two on my web site, although I don’t get much $ per click but if I get enough to earn me more than $100 I’ll actually get a check which would be nice (especially since I have yet to earn enough from the ads on my site to ever get a check).

Oh yeah and I’d like to apologize to any of my friends that I’ve been a bit distant to lately, I tend to be even more antisocial than normal when I’m depressed or stressed out. I’ve been fairly depressed since my mom passed away and me and my family worsening financial situation over the last year hasn’t help either, so again sorry.

Update to the update Nov 13 2010

My sister moved out this morning.  She’s apparently going to go live near Chicago.  She didn’t say why she’s going there or anything else really.   Granted I didn’t ask her about it either so I guess I can’t complain too much about not knowing anything.   She pretty much just took her clothes and her cat and said we could sell most of her stuff like her bed.

So now on top of trying to find a job and maybe somewhere to live on my own I have to worry about trying to sell a bunch of furniture and other crap we don’t need or wouldn’t have room for when we move.