All Moved In

Just a short update this time.

Got my car fixed, it needed a new starter which cost $170.

We ended up throwing out or giving away most of the stuff we were trying to sell since no one wanted any of it.  We put a few things in storage like my sisters nice sofa and an old desk that we’ve had forever.  I would still like to try and sell that stuff if I can.

Finally got internet installed here on Mon (Jan 17th 2011) went with Comcast even though it costs too much since I apparently can’t get DSL here but for the first time ever the installer guy told me my login information and it actually worked.  This is the 4th time I’ve gotten Comcast installed somewhere and they’ve either not told me my login info or it didn’t work.

I have most of my stuff unpacked and my room arranged the way that works for me.  My new room is pretty much the same shape and size as the my last one and I’ve put most of my stuff in about the same place.  There have been several occasions that I’ll be laying in bed or on my computer in the dark and feel like I’m still in my old room.