New Photo’s

I managed to dislodge the dust inside my camera that was ruining my photos.

See my previous blog post Need a new camera to understand what I’m talking about.

I can see that there is still some dust in there but it doesn’t seem to be seriously affecting the photo’s that I take.

So last Saturday I went to Bootie with Elaine and took some pictures for the first time in about 4 months. Elaine also had me take some pictures of her and Sumomo (her dog) on her new trike after we got home from Bootie.

Here are the Photo’s I uploaded to Flickr

Elaine and her Trike

Bootie June 12th 2010

Need a new camera

I noticed some pictures that I had taken with my Canon PowerShot SD750 a couple of weeks ago had some dark spots on them like you would get if there was a hair or dust on the lens.  After cleaning the lens I realized that the hair or whatever was inside the lens or possibly on the sensor.  So there isn’t really anything I can do to fix this and as a result I probably won’t be taking many pictures till I can afford to get a new camera.

I took a picture of my wall zoomed in all the way since it’s more noticeable when zoomed in to show what I’m talking about.


Anyways if I could I would really like to get this camera

Canon PowerShot S95
10 MP Digital Camera with 3.8x Wide Angle Optical Image Stabilized Zoom
3.0-Inch inch LCD

It’s only a little bit bigger than my current camera so I would still be able to carry it around in the front pocket of my jeans. It also has better image quality and much better low light performance which considering most of the pictures I’ve taken over the years have been in dark clubs that’s big deal to me.

While out for a walk

This morning I went for a walk around this access road that runs around the foothills near my house.  I ended up wandering up a trail and found this strange thing

Here’s where this is at on google maps
Also the view was quite nice, to bad the camera on my phone kind of sucks.
The buildings in the distance are downtown San Jose.

Site Updates and New Camera

Once again I’ve been mucking about with the site design, unfortunately I didn’t bother to check if it looked alright in Internet Explorer 6 so it looked kind of messed up in that browser but it should work fine now. Granted it won’t look or work quite the way I’d like it to but at least it isn’t horribly messed up. (sorry to anyone that may have visited in the last few weeks)

Some older news: I got myself a digital camera near the end of November. This is my first real camera. (unless you want to count my cell phone) It’s a Canon PowerShot SD750 and it’s a pretty sweet little camera. Since this is my first real camera I’ve been taking a lot of pictures and trying to do some artistic shots. I’ve been posting most of them on Flickr so check them out if you want, and feel free to leave comments on them. (as long as you’re not too mean)


I made a Flickr account to upload my photos to since keeping a decent photo gallery on this web site was to much of a burden. I’ve deleted some of the photos on this site (like my Yosemite photos) and moved them to Flickr. I’ll probably be uploading a lot of the random photos I take with my cell phone now.

Hiking in Yosemite

My best friend John and I went to Yosemite on Easter. We did the Upper Yosemite Falls trail which is a 7.2 mile hike with an elevation gain of around 2700 feet. We did it in a little over 9 hours, I probably could have done it faster but John is hecka slow. My calves are still fairly sore, but at least I’m not limping around like I was on Monday and Tuesday. I took a bunch of pictures with my cell phone that I’ve uploaded to the site. (moved them to Flickr 7/22/2007)
Yosemite Pictures

While I was working on that I redid all of the thumbnails for my picture gallery’s so that they have rounded and feathered edges. That required me to use PNG’s with alpha transparency, so now they won’t look exactly how I would prefer in any browsers that don’t support PNG’s w/alpha. (like Internet Explorer 6 and below)
So basically I ended up re breaking (but this time intentionally) something I recently fixed. To me the trade off was worth it, especially since it doesn’t look that bad in IE 6.